No floor covering is older than natural stone, more beautiful or more earthy. Natural stone was ancient man and woman’s design element, a primary material of construction and an original medium of creativity.

Why design with natural stone?

Well, for a number of reasons.

  • Natural stone is strong and stable to live with
  • It emanates a rich, organic, beautiful surface and has a confident, timeless “presence” in any room
  • It’s water and dust resistant quality makes it perfect building material for outdoor areas

Rub your hand across any natural stone product. Can you feel the eons of time it took to produce this natural wonder of Mother Earth?
It’s a fact. The formative process for natural stone began millions of years ago, deep beneath the surface of the earth.
A combination of heat and pressure created blocks of natural stone, including granite, marble, travertine, limestone, and slate.
As the earth’s crust began to grow and erode, it pushed minerals up from its core, forming massive rock deposits, which we refer to as “quarries”.
From ancient monuments like the pyramids in Egypt and the majestic Greek and Roman temples, to the great civilizations of India and China, natural stone has been an important part of architecture throughout history.
It is the world’s oldest building material — imagine its beauty and elegance in your new home.

This speaks highly enough of the age of this stone. Once installed with careful administration, natural stone lasts for many years.

Today, natural stone quarries are found in many countries throughout the world such as Italy, China, Spain, India, Canada, Mexico and also here in the Australia.
While it is typically more expensive than ceramic tile, natural stone will virtually always increase your home’s resale value. That’s important to know when shopping.
We at Boutique Tiles brings you a wide range of Natural Stone pavers of which the most in demand products are:

  • Sandstone Pavers
  • Travertine Pavers
  • Limestone Pavers
  • Bluestone Pavers
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Slate

Our product portfolio never falls short of just the right colour, design and texture for the material which you have decided upon applying to your premises. Quality checks for the abrasion, glazed or non-glazed surfaces etc. are constantly carried out in order to avoid any discrepancy in our tiles and stones.