Product Description

Desert Fossil sandstone tiles are a brilliant expansion to ledges, backsplashes, dividers, and floors. Every tile is a remarkable mix of shading: profound rust, smooth ecru, and earthenware consolidate for a one of a kind and noteworthy stylish. These tiles can be utilized inside and also outside, in atmospheres that don’t plunge underneath solidifying, and are suitable for private and business purposes.

It has a beautiful coloured veins running through its body. Boutique Tiles have a wide range of sizes for its use as the sandstone pavers, alfresco pavers, porch pavers, pools edging tiles, bullnose edge, arris edge, drop edge, stepping stones, wall cladding, pool paving and pool coping tiles etc.Its also known as desert sandstone, natural finish sandstone, sahara natural sandstone, mango natural sandstone.