Product Description

Bluestone is a flexible and unmistakable regular stone suited for both inside and outside applications.

With Bluestone, you’ll get the ecological and visual advantages of an all-regular item.

A molten rock, Basalt is initially made through the fast cooling of volcanic magma on the world’s surface and is more grounded than both Limestone and Marble because of its shifting mineral substance.

Perfect for both commercial and residential area, the reasonable and embellishing characteristics of Basalt empower this stone to be utilized as a part of different applications.

The high thickness and enduring resistance against stains and scratches make Basalt a fantastic venture for indoor and open air ventures while its commotion receptiveness will advantage properties near movement.

Our Basalt range showcases two unmistakable yet adaptable alternatives which won’t just improve the tasteful estimation of your property additionally give harm control against basic mishaps, general wear and tear and draw out the requirement for rebuilding.

Bluestone nearly looks like the perfect silver tones of Granite yet with a reliable, inconspicuous example of light, brilliant tones which light up the surface without conflicting against the stone’s darker shades.

These pavers are exceedingly prescribed for open air zones, for example, pool encompasses as they assimilate commotion yet not dampness.

The 30mm thickness of our Basalt pavers is likewise perfect for general use over a solid section in outside applications, as the extra quality gave by the thicker stone opposes development in the substrate and gives a steady stage to vehicles in carport applications.

Boutique Tiles have a wide range of sizes for its use as the pavers, alfresco pavers, porch pavers, pools edging tiles, bullnose edge, arris edge, drop edge, stepping stones, wall cladding, pool paving and pool coping tiles etc.